In Swedish, if it's delicious, it's mumsfillibabba!

Homemade Bread

Traditional homemade farm breads


Bread is such a "shareable" food, and this wonderful bread is perfect for sharing. Instead of cutting slices, it's much more fun to grab a chunk and tear off the piece you want. Bon appetit! 

R 45 per loaf 200g


This is a long thin loaf of French bread with a gorgeously crisp and crunchy crust. It's made from lean dough and is enjoyed throughout the day. Like most bread, a baguette can be eaten with just about anything.

Cheese on a baguette is probably the most common French meal. It also makes great sandwiches by adding egg, ham, and fresh tomatoes. Sliced baguettes are the ideal size for bite-sized sandwiches. 

R 20 per loaf.

Rustic country loaf

This delicious bread is fermented slowly overnight to develop maximum flavour and is made from local stone ground wheat flour. It is soft and chewy on the inside with a perfectly crispy crust on the outside. It’s perfect to serve with soups and stews and is wonderful for your favourite sandwich

R 20 per loaf.