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Walking tour in Central Cape Town


European history is only 370 years old in Cape Town but theres a lot to see.

Theme: Central Cape Town History, Culture and Gardens.


Walk with me through heart of the Mother City.


Cape Town is an amazing potpourri of cultures, architecture, sounds and smells and has an incredibly rich history. I will tell you about her from her pre-European times, then as a refreshment station for the Dutch and her time as a British colony, to her liberation from Apartheid rule and her recent and long-awaited entry into democracy.

We walk and talk our way through her diverse history at an easy, relaxed pace, with time to stop and enjoy each place. It is a way to spend valuable time well and to taste, smell, explore and listen. We visit iconic landmarks and lesser-known ones.

“What a beautiful place! We had a fantastic tour. Thank you” Rhi & Daniel. Qatar.

Gallery - Guided walking tour of Central Cape Town