In Swedish, if it's delicious, it's mumsfillibabba!


Sju sorters kakor - "Seven kinds of cookies"

It's a Swedish tradition that hosts typically prepare seven different kinds of cookies for their guests. While the choice of cookies varies from household to household, the number of types is consistently seven. Less than seven would indicate an insufficient host, while more than seven would suggest a pretentious host

Farm Cookies (Bondkakor) and Chess Squares (Schackrutor) both rightly deserve their places in the constellation “seven types of cookies”.

All our cookies are made with real butter.  They are all mumsfillibabba!

Farm cookies

These hugely popular cookies over generations of Swedes have two key ingredients, almonds, and golden syrup. Almonds bring wonderful flavour and extra crunch whilst the syrup makes the cookies slightly chewy and gives a hint of caramel.



R 40 per packet of 250g

Chess squares

These pretty little shortbread cookies have a combination of two popular flavours, cacao, and vanilla in each. The chess squares are a delight to both the eye and the palate!



R 40 per packet of 250g

Chocolate slices

Made with real butter, these delicate and slightly chewy chocolate treats have been popular with Marie's family over generations.



R 40 per packet of 250g