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Craft Beer in the Winelands

Become acquainted with our superb Craft breweries in the Winelands

Theme: History, Culture, Nature, Craft Beet & Wine in the Winelands.


Given our well-deserved reputation for fine wine, you might be surprised to learn that the Western Cape is also awash with beer. Beer has been brewed here since 1658.  If your group decides to combine beer and wine tasting, we visit a combination of at least one excellent craft brewery and several wine estates. You may also decide to stick to beer for the day.


You will also learn about the Culture, History, and Cuisine in as much or little detail as you like.

Stellenbosch is known throughout the world for its wines. On this tour you will become acquainted with our superb Craft breweries in the winelands. Whether you know little or lots about wine or beer, you are welcome to join.

"Spending a whole day with Jim is an experience you'll never forget. Thanks, Jim!! "- Tom Ramberg, Norway.

Gallery - Craft Beer tasting in the Winelands