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Cool wet winters, hot dry summers and its ancient soils make this horseshoe valley and its wines unique.

Theme: History, Culture, Nature & Wine.

Tulbagh lies in a tranquil valley surrounded by magnificent mountains. Some of its wineries are modern and others have been home to generations, and all interspersed with new vineyards and state-of-the-art cellars belonging to more recent micro-producers and boutique wineries.

Church Street is an important cultural attraction is with its row of beautiful Cape Dutch houses renovated after the earthquake in 1969 that take visitors back to a forgotten time.

You will learn about the Culture, History, and Cuisine in as much or little detail as you like. Our tours are at a leisurely pace with a focus on your enjoyment, learning and relaxation. Whether you know little or lots about wine, you are welcome to join.

"Jim is an excellent guide, very passionate about South Africa, its birds, wildlife and its history. The scenery was amazing and if anyone saw anything interesting, he would pull and tell us what it was. "- Cathy And Nigel Harding and Company. United Kingdom..

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