What kinds of trips do you offer?

  • Whether your interest is in wine, birding, nature, culture, history or cycling, it is likely that we have be able to satisfy you.  We arrange custom trips for a variety of groups and individuals.
  • We are independent and not incentivised by any wine estate, game farm or other establishment.
  • Our guides speak Swedish and English

How long do your trips last?

  • Most of our tasting and regional tours are day trips, beginning and ending in Stellenbosch. Typically, a day tour begins at 09h00 and ends around16h30. Trips to Cape Point and Hermanus take +/- 90 minutes longer.
  • Going Slowly tours are a minimum of 5 days and have no maximum length.

 What’s included in the cost?

  • Collection and drop off in Stellenbosch and private tourist guide is included. Collection and drop off from further afield will be quoted on.
  • Tours can be requested as inclusive or exclusive of tasting and entrance fees. Exclusive allows more freedom of choice during the tour.
  • Meals, curios and other possible purchases are for your own account.
    • Meals are +/- R 120-280 per person.
    • Tasting fees vary but are +/- R 220 per person for the day.
  • Going Slowly tours can also be inclusive or exclusive or combinations of the two. This will be discussed in the planning. “Going Slowly” tours are quoted for on an individual basis.
  • Insurances are the guests own responsibility and not included in the cost. Our full and current T’s & C’s can be seen here – https://africaninvite.com/terms-conditions.

What is a Private Tour and how does it differ to a Shared Tour?

  • Both involve the private use of a guide in a small group.
  • Private Tours are tours booked for the exclusive use of the group irrelevant of numbers. I.e. the use of the guide and vehicle are exclusive, and no external guests will share the tour.
  • Shared Tours are seats booked on a tour, which may or may not also include other guests.

What happens if there are non-Swedish speakers on the tour?

  • Swedish Language tours are guaranteed only for private tours. Should there be mixed languages spoken within the group, then English will be the guiding language. Questions may be asked in and will be answered in Swedish.
  • Going Slowly tours are mainly Swedish (82%).

How do I know where the tour begins and ends?

Most tours start and end in Stellenbosch unless planned otherwise. Collection tariffs may be due for guests collected further than 20km from the centre of Stellenbosch. This will be quoted per case and is charged per vehicle.

Going Slowly Tours can literally start and end anywhere. This will be decided upon in the planning.

What to expect when Going Slowly.

  • Our “Going Slowly” trips last anywhere from five to fifteen days. They begin at approximately R 42,000 /person. Cost includes everything from the departure town (usually Stellenbosch or Upington) and back (but see our Terms and Conditions on our Reservation Form about contingencies).
  • All our trips are fully guided by qualified, mostly South African, professional guides with training in first aid, and “leave no trace” camping practices. African Invite provides everything you will need, except for your personal gear (clothes and the like).

How many other people will be on the “Going Slowly” tour?

  • This is decided by you. The group is usually your family or group of friends. The tour vehicle and accommodation will be adjusted according to group size and activity.

What is a Typical day?

  • Activities vary according to season and trip. These can vary from game or bird viewing to hiking, swimming or simply relaxing.
  • There is no set agenda and no “typical day” when going slowly. Guides are available to assist you from sunrise to after sunset. In Camp, you wake when you want and help yourself to breakfast in your own time. Either take a packed lunch along with you for whatever you have planned for the day or join the others for lunch sometime when the sun is at its apex.


  • We use several special places according to the theme of the tour. Some are in historic towns, others on working farms or in nature reserves. All are off the beaten track. Some are very remote and are with no or minimal contact with the outside world. All have modern-enough amenities and comfortable beds. Accommodations vary from tented to stone cottages with untrimmed thatch roofs, to early settler farmhouses.

What are your Kgalagadi tours like?

  • On Kgalagadi tours, we use either upmarket lodges with expected services such as restaurant etc or rustic self-catering accommodation. The emphasis is on the wilderness and on an average day, you could expect to be on game drives in the early morning and late afternoons for a total of about 5 hours. The in-between time can be spent as you prefer.

What are your Karoo trips like?

  • Karoo trips are some of our best trips and particularly for families wanting to spend time with each other without distractions from the Internet. The scenery is unparalleled. These trips allow you to settle into one great base for several days, with all activities happening from there. These trips are often focused on the group and enjoying the surrounding nature together.
  • These are our easiest trips and are great opportunities to bond. Essentially what you do in camp is up to you. You may hike, read, knit, paint, yoga, stargaze, birdwatch, photograph, sit around a campfire etc. Your guide will offer suggestions, lead day hikes, or just let you relax in peace. It’s your trip to enjoy!

What is there to do?

  • This depends on the season and the tour.
  • Swimming
  • Reading, sketching or painting
  • Board and card games
  • Relaxing and Meditation
  • Game viewing
  • Photography
  • Hiking, strolling, bushwalking or running
  • Birding
  • Stargazing
  • Campfire
  • Braai
  • 4X4
  • Mountain Biking
  • Digital detox and healthy doses of slow relaxing, wonderful “nowhereness.”

Who usually signs up for your trips?

  • Our guests range in age from 3 to 80, mostly falling somewhere closer to 50-70. They are men and women from 72 countries. We have many return guests. They are mainly couples, families, or groups of friends

Payment & cancellation policy.

  • Payment arrangements must be made before departure and may be made via EFT or in cash. VISA, Maestro or Master Card payments can be made for tours starting or ending in Stellenbosch.
  • Deposit & Cancellation policy, non-Slow Travel: A 100% deposit at the time of booking is required to confirm your reservation. No planning work will begin before this payment is made. For cancellations before 15 days from tour departure we refund 50% of the deposit. There is no refund for cancellations made within 15 days of departure.
  • Deposit & Cancellation policy, Slow Travel: A R3,500 non-refundable deposit per person/ per trip is required to confirm your reservation. No planning work will begin before this payment is made. Full payment is due 60 days prior to the trip start. Reservations made less than 60 days prior to the trip must be paid in full at time of booking. If you need to cancel more than 60 days prior to the trip, a refund will be given less R3,500 deposit. If 60 days or less notice of cancellation, 100% of funds paid will be retained by African Invite.

Travellers’ Insurance: 

  • We ask that everyone purchase traveller’s/trip cancellation insurance. Coverage should start when you send in your initial deposit and many insurance policies have benefits for policies purchased with 10 days of making a reservation.  You may incur significant financial liability if you do not purchase insurance.

Trip Cancellation

  • In the rare event that we cancel a trip, we will give you a full refund. In such cases, financial responsibility of African Invite (PTY) ltd will be limited to the amount actually paid to African Invite, by the participant(s), and shall not be extended to cover any other costs incurred by the participant(s).
  • We reserve the right to refuse or terminate any participant, from any trip. We also reserve the right to cancel trips for under-enrolment. Please contact us for the minimum number of participants for your trip. Additionally, African Invite is not obliged refund trip costs in full or part if weather or other factors make completing the trip impossible or dangerous.

Delays & Schedule Changes: 

  • All wilderness trips are dependent on the weather and flight-service schedules. African Invite reserves the right to change trip dates and/or details for these or other reasons. Trip charges do not cover the costs incurred as a result of bad weather, sickness, or other contingencies. Participants who vary from scheduled itineraries shall bear any costs thereof, which are not deductible from the trip prices. Inclement weather, mechanical difficulties and a host of other factors can delay travel; we cannot assume financial responsibility for costs due to delays or other events beyond our control. We strongly encourage you to arrange your travel at trips end, to accommodate delays.

Dangerous animals

  • South Africa is home to some of the most incredible species of wild animals on earth. It is often the very reason many people choose to visit. Though some do pose a risk, we generally enjoy watching them and have had no problems through our many years of experience and use of qualified guides to observe and experience them in their natural environment.

See full and current terms and conditions here – (https://africaninvite.com/terms-conditions)