Are you coming?

These are the slow-breaks, the no-checklist holidays, the unplugged digital-detox and connect-with-family-and-friend’s breaks.

We’re going off the beaten track, switching off our phones, removing our watches and slowing everything all the way down to the rejuvenating relaxed tempo of Africa’s own rhythm. We will drink in vistas, sunsets and sunrises, and hear nothing man-made and breathe only fresh air.

How about going where you’ll be off-the-grid? With little to no phone reception or Wi-Fi. There’s no better way to put life’s hectic tempo aside for a while and to properly refresh. Conjure up sitting next to the fire, under the star-ridden African night sky, stretching from horizon to horizon. It is a break where you truly get-away-from-it-all and rejuvenate mind and body?

We have a few “Going Slowly” tours to destinations in the Kalahari, Tankwa, Karoo, West Coast, Namaqualand, West coast and the Eastern Cape to choose from. You’ll struggle to do better than joining us to enjoy the wide-open spaces of our favourite off-the-beaten-track destinations. Ask us about going slowly.

Contact us if you want to learn more these special tours into some of the most special African places in a very relaxed way. Ask us to email you an inspirational pamphlet detailing possibilities.

We recommend a minimum of 5 days. Going Slowly tours can be combined with other activities.

“We all want to say thank you for organising such an amazing break for us. We had wonderful and relaxed time with great memories about the activities, the fantastic food and incredible wine!” Beth, Matthew and the boys. Essex

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Popular Location:Kalahari, the Karoo, West Coast, Namaqualand and Eastern Cape


Are you coming along? How about going where you’ll be completely off-the-grid?
Going slowly Garden Route Photos

    Going Slowly on the Garden Route

    What’s included and what’s not Includes collection and drop off, and private certified tourist guide. Excludes wine tasting fees, meals, entrance fees, wine and any other possible drinks, snacks, curios purchases. Lunch is estimated at approx. R 95-190 pp excluding…

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