Going Slowly into the Karoo

This beautifully desolate semi-desert and consists of vast mesmerising open spaces that give us a sense of awe and wonder. These are places of powerful contrasts of vividly coloured wildflowers and stark desert landscapes interspersed with dramatic rocklands graced by soaring eagles.  A very long time ago it was an inland sea. Some of it consists of sprawling sheep farms, but much is almost unscathed by civilization and all needs to need time to be apricated.

The term “Karoo” is from the Khoi word, “Karus”, meaning dry, barren, thirsty land and is amongst the most arid regions of Southern Africa. It is partly defined by its topography, geology, its low rainfall, arid air, cloudless skies, and ranges of heat and cold.

It is the largest ecosystem in South Africa and is home to a fascinating diversity of life, all having adapted to survive in these harsh conditions. From Namaqua daisies, spinning windmills, amber sunsets, dusty back roads and wide-open skies of the mountains of the Richtersveld to the vineyards of the Little Karoo, it’s pure Karoo.

The Karoo is divided into several Karoo’s and we visit them all.

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